Anatomy of the Star Goddess by Iona Miller


ANATOMY OF THE STAR GODDESS (1999):  This article, originally written as an adjunct to The Diamond Body, is about further investigations into the qabalistic and synergetic properties of the Vector Equilibrium Matrix.  For placement in SYNERGETIC QABALA, it has been updated with notions from Post Quantum Physics and its relevance to the the mind/matter interface.  Its departure point is Crowley's (and the Egyptian) notion that "Infinite Space is the Goddess Nuit."  Here we investigate the archetypal and virtual properties of this Star Goddess, and what that implies in terms of qabalistic emanation, the collective unconscious, the paranormal, and mind-over-matter.  Her body is the incorporeal matrix underlying the physical Universe and the human psyche, underlying all phenomena.

When this article was originally written, scalar physics was considered alternative science.  Since then its stock has gone up.  There has been a mainstream revolution in cosmology, (SciAmer, Jan. 1999), which confirms the importance of "vacuum energy."  The standard cosmology of the 1980s, postulating a flat universe dominated by matter is dead.  The universe is either open or filled with an energy of unknown origin.  Put another way, "nothing" could not possibly be more interesting.  There are also psychological implications.  Like virtual entities, images or symbols percolate in and out of consciousness below the threshold of consciousness.  They appear much like virtual particles blink in and out of "existence."  The newest generation of physics, Post-Quantum Physics posits a model for mind-over-matter, which operates with quantum backflow that is also relevant to our discussion.  This article is not for the intellectually timid...good luck.


Quantum Cosmology, Virtual States, Energy Science,

Chaos Theory, and Scalar Fields

by Iona Miller, c1992

KEY PHRASES: Infinite Space, The Void, Vacuum, Zero Point Energy, Virtual Manifold, V.E.M. as Psychotronic Machine, Virtual State Translator, the Physics of the Plenum, Post Quantum Physics, Synergetic Interaction,  Imagineering, Orthorotational Geometry of Dimensions, Chaos and Complexity, Depth Psychology, Mind/Matter Interface, Nothing becomes Something.

ABSTRACT:  Nuclear engineer and researcher, Thomas E. Bearden has proposed a new approach to physics with some startling new theories based on Hugh Everett's many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics (1973). Bearden extends QM theory, rather than corrupting it.

The main thrust of Bearden's work is toward explaining paranormal phenomena, the collective unconscious, weaponry, and other technological possibilities.  His new view of physics (energy science) is grounded in what he calls scalar electromagnetics, from which he proposes deriving "free energy."

This is, in essence, tapping the Vector Equilibrium Matrix for zero point energy.  The key to his technological approach is to "let the EM force fields fight themselves to a 'cancellation,' forming a vector zero."  Antigravity is just one possibility.

Multiple realities contain all possibilities, but in enfolded or virtual states.  This theory alleges that there are clustered worlds, which are three-dimensional to an observer within them, yet virtual to an observer from outside.  These hyperspace dimensions are orthogonally rotated (90 degrees) in respect to one another.  Selecting a frame, or cube of space, facilitates access.

When we consider the vastness of space, we perceive emptiness due to our relative position in this universe.  The Void is actually densely packed with virtual energy which awaits translation, or transduction into our observable 3-dimensional reality. These energies or entities appear as virtual because they are unobservable through ordinary means.  Crosstalk across these channels is the basis for the collective unconscious, paranormal phenomena, and the manifestation of our material world.

Like philosophy, physics is not any absolute description of Truth.  Rather, both disciplines invite us to "Look at it this way."  This approach is very much in line with the long-standing tradition of speculative Qabala and Hermetic philosophy.


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